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Recruiting & Development

Want to ensure you hire the best fitting candidates for the job?


You need support in developing your employees?


I provide online diagnostics coupled with concise, expert feedback that provide a deep understanding of people's talents and limitations.

Also, I offer face to face assessments that are known
to be the best predictor
of future success. 

Consulting & Advisory

Does your organisation need to  become more agile?

Do you need support on how to take care of employee wellbeing and mental health?

You need support in rolling out your people strategy?

I support companies in defining people strategy, shaping a healthy and productive culture and implementing organisation forms which optimise results in today's ever changing environment.

Training & Workshops

You need tangible training to leverage your strategy, shape your culture and develop talents?

My offer includes: 
Mental Health Learning Journey for executives

Mental Health Training for Managers and Employees

Feedback Training

Hybrid and remote work

Customized trainings


As an organisational and business psychologist, I'm passionate about humans at work. I have always been driven to help people identify and 

leverage their talents in order to increase individual satisfaction, engagement and performance.


I've been working with everyone from front-line staff to board executives over the last decade as consultant and advisor, working on projects which combine scientific rigour, commercial strategy and more modern ways of working. 

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