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Throughout the entire career, one thing kept me passionate and engaged about the talent management side of the business: creating real win-win situations. On the one hand, for the people in the business through careful diagnostics, feedback, development, training, coaching and by making my clients successful in their role. On the other hand, by demonstrating ROI to business leaders with these people initiatives.


My key interest and focus as a business psychologist lies in people diagnostics, feedback, training and implementation of modern organization forms such as holacracy. 


In 2018, I made the decision to follow my passion as an independent consultant. I welcome the opportunity consult and advise my clients independently and objectively on various topics related to talent management. 

Born Solution

+41 79 931 44 78


Experience and Education

For the last decade I’ve been working as a consultant, focussing on the people side of business. I’ve been partnering with over 70 companies from almost every industry, from small to mid-sized to large international corporations and non-profit organisations.

I hold a masters degree in organizational social and business psychology from the University of Zürich. 


Zürich is my base and water is my element as this page reveals. It’s ability to transform in various states and to fill all gaps reminds me a lot of my consulting approach. 

Water is where I spend a lot of my time due to my love of watersports and, water is also where I cherish time off with my friends and my two amazing boys. Frozen water in winter when snowboarding, chilling cold waves in Portugal when surfing and, the beautiful waters in and around Zürich when playing canoe polo. Indeed, Canoe Polo is my key activity when not working. In the past, I have been awarded several Swiss championship titles and have participated in world- and European championships. Nowadays, my focus is much more on training kids and managing the club as a board member.

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