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Feedback & Case Stories

Client Feedback


Marco Callegari
Head of 
Caritas Supermarkets Zurich

"The cooperation with Kristian Born is the most successful experience we have ever had with our work integration project."


Manuel Stoffer

Kristian had an excellent understanding of the challenges we were facing. Our organization has trippled in FTEs since, has professionalized, and is ready for future growth. 

Denise Jentsch_PRINT_© dany waldner ag_D

Denise Jentsch
HR-Specialist | Systemic organizational consultant and coach
Waldner Partner

"The workshops, designed and moderated by Kristian Born, were very well received by the employees.  It was a kick-off to promote the feedback culture among each other, to learn from each other and to work more strength-oriented."


"I used to work with different consultants during the last 20 years of my career and I can say that I have never worked with a consultant that helpful and supporting as Kristian"


Frederic Damen

Leadership and Assessment Expert,


"When I deal with bigger projects in the talent assessment area, Kristian is the first person I will turn to."

Companies I collaborated with throughout my career 

Insurance &

Financial Services


















Tetra Pak





Story Smallpdf

Case Story:
Hiring the right CEO


After years of ongoing growth, Smallpdf’s board decided to bring in a CEO to scale the organization and platform while strengthening its culture and productivity. With board members in different locations, the selection process had to work well under remote conditions. A clear structure was needed to evaluate the candidates on the critical success criteria.

Kristian Born provided Smallpdf with a clear structure on how to assess different criteria. Further, interview questions were provided and the concept of simulation exercises was introduced. 
The inputs provided enabled the Board to be in charge of the entire selection themselves, without compromising on quality and objectivity. The structure and framework designed by Born Solution ensured that board members were able to assess different criteria from different locations and come up with a clear indication on the best fitting candidate. Further, the insights gained helped Smallpdf to create their own Simulation Exercises along the most important quality standards.


Kristian had an excellent understanding of the challenges we were facing. His recommendations and framework helped us to make a great choice. The CEO we brought in got instantly accepted by our team and managed to surpass all of the board's expectations. Our organization has tippled in FTEs since, has professionalized, and is ready for future growth. 

Manuel Stoffer.


Story Caritas

Case Story:
Coaching - CV-Check - Interview Training


The Caritas Market Oerlikon offers discounted groceries for people on a tight budget. The market is a place of encounter: «People who shop with us are often in difficult life situations. Here they meet others who are in a similar situation. People know each other, can exchange experiences and give each other advice» says Marco Callegari, head of the Caritas market in Oerlikon.


After all, the Caritas market employs people who are in a difficult situation with the aim of gaining work experience and finding their way back into the world of work. 

In 2019, Born Solution, together with SHL, conducted a job applicant training for the employees of the Caritas market. Already during his time as a consultant at SHL, Kristian was able to initiate this collaboration in 2015, which now takes place and continues almost every year.

This allows volunteers to share their expertise in recruitment, career counseling and coaching with Caritas Market employees. In the one-day workshop, the 20 participants will receive the following: 


Individual coaching:          

Based on the results of a personality questionnaire, natural talents and strengths are identified and deepened.                     

In this way, people in a difficult situation receive a new and encouraging perspective on the job search that goes beyond their previous work experience and education. 


Participants discuss their CV with experts. Suggestions for improvement are made as well as career options discussed, taking into account individual talents. 

Interview training: 

Various interview questions are played through and sensible answers are discussed, as are do's & dont's in the job interview. 

The feedback from the participants is very positive throughout and a welcome change from the advice they usually receive. No less positive is the feedback from the volunteers, who always find the day very enriching and meaningful because they can use their expertise for a good cause. A classic win-win situation.


Marco Callegari

Head of

Caritas Supermarkets Zurich

Case Story:
Supporting Waldner Partner on their way to a self-organization



The Dany Waldner ag reliably achieves success in complex, dynamic projects in the fields of architecture, urban development, real estate, and temporary architecture. 

To be able to ensure the succession in the company, an organizational form with customized self-organization was introduced. This means teams that organize and divide their work themselves without a boss - similar to a holacracy / sociocracy. 

Kristian supported this process through consulting, workshops as well as concepts and guidelines. The following personnel-related issues were clarified.

Challenge 1

Who gives feedback on work performance when there is no boss? 


Implemented solutions:

  • Workshops were held to learn the key feedback principles and practice how colleagues can give each other positive and critical feedback. 

  • Introduced a feedback guide for structured conversation among colleagues and fostering a feedback culture.

Challenge 2

Who helps and coaches employees when they are stuck with their work and there is no longer a boss?


Implemented solutions:

  • Workshops were held to teach and practice the principles and rules of peer coaching. 

  • A guideline for peer coaching was developed, which employees can use to coach each other.


"The workshops, designed and moderated by Kristian Born, were very well received by the employees.  It was a kick-off to promote the feedback culture among each other, to learn from each other and to work more strength-oriented. A culture change in a company is a marathon and not a sprint - i.e. it needs endurance and various actions to increase the common awareness for a feedback culture.  With Kristian Born's workshop we have made an important first step." 

Denise Jentsch

HR-Specialist | Systemic organizational consultant and coach

Waldner Partner

Story DWAG
Story Swiss Re

Case Story:

Global Implementation of a Personality Questionnaire in Recruiting

Born solution was assigned to support the implementation of psychometrics and especially a personality questionnaire in the recruitment process in a large international company.

The implementation consisted of 3 phases: 

  • Global Pilot

  • Global Roll out

  • Maintanance

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