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Online Diagnostics

Recruiting and Development

Online diagnostics such as personality or motivational questionnaires, cognitive ability tests and 360° Feedback are an effective and efficient way to access individual talents and potential. A full Assessment Centre provides an even more valid and accurate evaluation of potential, skills and behavior.

I have extensive experience in both approaches on an execution and strategic level. I have in-depth knowledge of the online diagnostic landscape, best practice assessment methods and, I am a OPQ certified expert.


Online Diagnostics for recruiting

A very efficient approach to gain objective insights on your candidates’ potential strengths and limitations is to harness the benefits of online diagnostics. I combine online diagnostics with a validation interview with candidates in order to ensure validity of results and provide hiring managers with a clear recommendation regarding the quality of their candidates. 

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Online diagnostics for development & coaching

Personality, motivational questionnaires and 360° Feedback are critical starting points for self- & team-development. Conducted in a workshop or coaching conversation, this method provides a clear picture of potentials and limitations. From there, tangible development actions can bedefined.


Assessment Centers for recruiting, development and coaching

Most commonly suited to senior leadership positions, Assessment Centers provide the most valid indication of future potential, behavior and performance. A combination of diagnostic tools and methods are applied and, results are presented as a hand-written assessment report. While this expert view provides a solid indication for hiring decisions, it’s also frequently applied to help identify development and coaching opportunities.

Consulting & Advisory

Consulting and Advisory

During my career, I have advised over 70 clients on the topic of talent management and talent diagnostics. I worked for SHL, CEB and Gartner – the leading providers of best practices in talent management. I use this experience to provide the following consulting and advisory services: 


Organisational Coaching

Today’s work environment requires employees to interact globally every day. With entire teams and departments working remotely, technical savvy is the key driver for success and fast adaptation to heavy change has now become routine. Holacracy, Agility or becoming a learning organisation are organisation forms which respond to the dramatically changing work environment of our present and our future. I have sound knowledge of best practices as well as experience in implementing change from a people perspective.  

Implementing scalable diagnostics in large and global corporations 

A great way to improve business performance through people is the implementation of online diagnostics. These allow organisations to improve their recruiting, individual- and team development and succession planning through an objective and scalable view of their people. I collaborate with organisations to select the right diagnostic instruments and, to implement them on a larger scale through training, project management and macro analysis that support strategic decision making. 

Traiing & Workshops

Training and Workshops

Training and Workshops

One of my passion is delivering training and workshops that stick and help people to improve on their people skills. I provide tailored training, workshops and webinars for teams and their leaders.
My off the shelf training includes: 
Feedback training
Learning why feedback is the most important driver for improvement. Understanding the difference between feedback and critique. How to provide constructive feedback. How to use feedback for self-improvement.

Working remotely and hybrid
Best practice tips, insights and advice for: 
Line managers

Peer coaching training
How to conduct coaching with peers. Coaching techniques which work for employees who do not have coaching experience.
Training on online diagnostics
HR and Line Manager training on how to use and online diagnostics for recruiting, development and coaching.

Mental Health Training 
I offer Training for Executive, where they can learn why Mental health is critical and what they can do.
Manager awareness and behavior training. 
Employee Awareness training and strategies to stay healthy. 


Corporate Social Responsibility

Each one of us shares the responsibility of making our world a better place.  My opinion is that, as soon as an individual reaches a state where their survival no longer matters,  it’s time to reflect on your impact.


Many organizations today follow the same approach and want to give something back to the community

I have close relationships with researchers in this field and have, in the past, CSR initiatives which have had a strong positive impact on the communities and employee engagement.


With Born Solution, I engage each year in a CSR initiative, coaching unemployed people to identify their talents and help to find the most suitable work for them.

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